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The hand job is the consolation prize of the sexual world. It has it purpose, to make the night feel like it wasn't a total waste, however it is not what anyone wants. Much like before going on a game show people think of the flashy items when going on a date, maybe some oral, a little sex and if they get really lucky perhaps a touch of sodomy. The hand job is like the at home edition of the game and I suppose it can be used to kill time if nesassary. In an ideal world everyone would be a winner but since that is not the case some people must unfortunately end their nights with their date doing for them what they were perfectly capable of doing themselves. On the other hand, there are some guys who just love to see their filthy members being handled by the delicate and beautiful hands of a knowledgeable woman. Because of all this, it is important for people to know how to actually give a hand job. While not complicated, there are a few tricks which can add a little spice to this boring bowl of porridge.

Get a Grip

To begin start by getting a grip on his penis. There are a number of ways to this which involve using either your full hand or a couple of fingers. Regardless of which grip you use you want the top of your index finger to come up to about the bottom of the head. Keep in mind when choosing which grip to use what might be most comfrotable/stimulating for him. We would like to be able to tell you the ultimate grip but, unfortunately, that is impossible since different people like being grabbed different ways. The easiest way is just to ask him how he wants you to hold it. If you are just starting out sexually the thought of asking someone how they like it might seem odd to you however it is actually very common. After all the point is to make them feel good and who knows the best way to do it other than them?

Full Hand

The first and probably the most popular grip is the whole hand grip. To appreciate what this grip looks like hold a pencil, pen, or any long, cylindrical object up in front of you. Now take your dominant hand and wrap your fingers around it so that your palm is facing you (it should be covered by your fingers and the pencil, but where your palm normally would be, its facing you). This is the full hand grip. The advantage of this is that you have more surface contact with the penis which will increase stimulation.

Three Finger

This next method allows you to apply various amount of pressure through out your stroke. With this grip you hold the penis with your middle, thumb and index finger. The index and middle finger going on the back of your cock, with the thumb on the front. Line the index finger up a tiny bit below the head of your cock. With this method you can change up the pressure a various points on the cock, rather than be stuck and an all or none like your hand gives you. When using this grip listen for verbal cues from the person. While guys aren't the most vocal people sexually you may be able to hear changes in their breathing or other signs which indicate that they like a certain amount of pressure or style.

Work Your Magic

Now that you have his destiny in your hand so to speak it is time to start moving. Move your hand up and down while keeping a semi firm grip on the penis. The whole here is to move the skin rather then move your hand. If you are confused about this grab your arm with one of the two grips above. Grip it firmly and start moving up and down. Notice how the skin slides with you to a point so that your hand stays on the same part of the skin? That is how you want to work the penis. This avoids chaffing which can be very uncomfortable and ruin the experience.


Start out moving slowly to allow you both to get used to what is happening. If you jump right in and start pounding away right away you are likely to miss some cues about how he likes it and also lose some of your form. Move your hand in a very fluid manner, avoid abrupt starts and stops when you get started. This is probably a good time to ask him if things feel good and if there is anything he wants you to do differently. As time goes on and you both get into it a little more start increasing your pace. The key to remember when giving a hand job is predictability. He will come to expect how your hand is going to move and if it doesn't act that way then it will be distracting and likely take longer for him to have an orgasm. As you get closer to the end the pace should be very fast. Depending on how expressive he is it will probably be semi-obvious that he is about to orgasm. This is the most important time to be both fast and predictable. Don't stop, don't slow down, keep hammering away. If you really want to make things interesting... Enlarge If you really want to make things interesting... After the orgasm, keep going for a little bit after. Be careful because the penis will become very senstive at this point so use a slower pace. For the first 20 - 30 seconds after orgasm, guys are able to achieve some satisfaction from stimulation. If it hurts or bothers him he will ask you to stop.

You have two hands

Don't be boring while you are going to town use your other hand to spice things up. Play with his balls a little, touch his head or chest, take one of his hands and put it on your chest or other areas of interest. Any of these things can take a boring hand job and turn it into a... well, a less boring hand job. Use your imagination and be creative; do something he wouldn't expect.

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